Kundalini Problems – Surrender

8 07 2010
Dry Feet

Courtesy of CVV

Every spiritual teacher says it;  Just surrender.  We hold on to a belief system for so long, it is like holding a hot rock.  We eventually need to let go.  One word of advice for if you encounter kundalini problems is to surrender.  My personal experience with kundalini energy is that when it encounters a block, either physical/mental/spiritual, it results in pain.  Sometimes, excrutiating pain.  We clear blockages in ourselves, but it is the last bit of polishing, which hurts, since kundalini is a fast track.  A lot of people get trapped in this, because there is an acceleration in the negative aspects as well as the positive.  Somehow, we think we can ‘fix’ the pain and we try so hard to get rid of it.  Letting go happens automatically, as the person is no longer able to cope with the pain.  It is difficult to let go with kundalini, as the ego gets inflated for some people.  Contrary to some teachers beliefs, I would stop all spiritual practices when the force is too much.  I think Nike should have a new T-Shirt, “Just Let Go.”  So much better than “Just Do It.”  For kundalini awakenings, please feel free to contact us anytime.





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